The Gilmore’s Prince

I have a cold and I caught it from Prince Charles.

I got to Green Park at half 10 almost on the button. Luckily there was a Clarence House exit. I saw Emma who I just about recognised! She was on her phone and then introduced me to Jane lecturer and law teacher of the year 2015. Emma said Tom was running late and would catch us up. Justin came over to say hello and then went off to get a coffee. Jane walked with Emma and I, and we walked further than I thought we should to find the gate but luckily there was a policeman guarding another gate so we asked him. He said to go to the gate we had walked passed and then around the back of the building to the pass office. Jane left us at this point. We walked through the gate and then in front of a building covered in scaffold and hoarding and around the back to the right. Emma said something about Joe having an interview- I think I understood that he’s her husband. Not sure.

Had our ID checked in the pass office where we met Martin plus daughter, David and Rebecca (assistant) there was another guy there but I’m not sure he was with us! There was a woman with a clipboard.

First room had plates, pictures and a large silver ship, then the kitchen, then up a few stairs then down a few stairs where we were greeted by the head butler (who I believe was called Leslie) we went down a plush corridor and into the morning room. It is a pale green and there are so many paintings and pictures to look at. Emma says about the smell -and it does, like National Trust house (she says it’s the polish). Martin’s daughter Sarah goes off to find the coat room as she needs to set up the badges and things.

Butler guy speaks to Martin whilst Emma goes to find the toilets and he puts numbered posts as per martin’s instructions around the room.

One of the table has a collection of photographs – queen and great grand children, Charles and Camilla at the front, queen on some steps with corgis, a drawing of corgis, a great head shot of Harry which he must LOVE.

There is a Claude Monet picture on the wall behind.

I spoke to the lady which had been sent by one of the companies as her boss couldn’t attend and had to explain the charity to her.

Spoke to Stephanie Mc who I met at the awards show before. Paul turned up from Cambridge.

He thought me and Emma were trustees – He said that it’s good to have the charity as he gets so many letters asking for help and he can send them our way!

We spoke about HS2 and he said there’s a good transport guy in cabinet at the moment so grab on to him in case he gets moved.

The guy next to us said that If he recognised his address that’s because he used to be the land lord at 39.

I spoke to Diana, I spoke to Lord W,  I spoke to Fiona at the paper.

What have we been doing since Gilmore Girls was last on tv with new episodes in 2008?

All 3 of us have finished uni, two of us finished a further uni course!

Sis 2 with Anorexia and me with the cancer delights

We are all Rory

Alright Paris – little one pushed herself during uni – amazing sport, extra curric and degree during our illnesses and the dog…

What a pain

It’s been quite strange going through temporary early menopause due to ‘ovarian insufficiency’ and I have felt that I did not get much help with this at all in the beginning. No information from the docs, no preventative action – funnily enough (and as usual!) Woman’s Hour have been the best. Who would have thought that the items aimed at women my mums age would be really helpful – it’s too hilarious. 

The most funny not funny thing was when I finally did see a specialist was her saying that I needed to have sex. OH WELL THANKS, THAT IS JUST FANTASTIC. Just what you want to hear when you have been though a really great time recently and feel so marvellous about yourself, oh yes and you have a boyfriend. Perfect. 

So – in light of the above, I am going to make sure that future cancerous personnes get the information because frankly no-one needs to have this bundled on top of them. Boys have it easy in terms of fertility preservation!