This is an update about the lack of updates…. I am still not really in a place to write properly about my STC even two years down the line (TWO). I am now old (30) six weeks into a job (NEW JOB) and am so tired (JUST CAN’T EVEN) it’s 20.45 and I’ve already been in bed 10 mins (WAITING FOR THE GOOD FIGHT ON MORE4). Fatigue is shit, no one wants that. I did however manage to go to Iceland for a friend’s 30th #ICEICE30 which was amazing but I suffered for it when I got back obvs.

I spoke to someone recently who had asked what is like to have a stem cell transplant and I couldn’t really say very much because it’s so awful (not the stem cell bit but the killing off your entire immune system bit)

Number of people I have told at work about CANCER = 0 (apart from bosses obvs because I have organised late start mon, early finish Friday! For reduced pay yay)

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