What a pain

It’s been quite strange going through temporary early menopause due to ‘ovarian insufficiency’ and I have felt that I did not get much help with this at all in the beginning. No information from the docs, no preventative action – funnily enough (and as usual!) Woman’s Hour have been the best. Who would have thought that the items aimed at women my mums age would be really helpful – it’s too hilarious. 

The most funny not funny thing was when I finally did see a specialist was her saying that I needed to have sex. OH WELL THANKS, THAT IS JUST FANTASTIC. Just what you want to hear when you have been though a really great time recently and feel so marvellous about yourself, oh yes and you have a boyfriend. Perfect. 

So – in light of the above, I am going to make sure that future cancerous personnes get the information because frankly no-one needs to have this bundled on top of them. Boys have it easy in terms of fertility preservation!