Jet lag

I’ve decided to stop worrying about not blogging and just blog. I can’t do it when I feel awful and then when I feel ok, I want to be up and at them and doing, exploring and seeing. Recently I’ve had a great weekend in Cambridge at a friend’s party, had a lovely few days in Exeter (met BBC R1 Greg James who is THE best) and a baby shower in Essex. Don’t get me wrong, these sound like and are normal things to do but the consequences when I’ve got home have been noticeable. I have been wiped out, exhausted for the rest of the week but at least I’ve now reached those milestones. The being able to go further places and with other people. It’s funny how quickly you forget what’s happened when you feel lots better – I keep having to remind myself that ICE plus high dose chemo plus transplant is going to require longer recovery than just AVBD. Time wise from last chemo, I’m feeling 2-3 times worse than if it had just been the AVBD and a whole week of throwing up has set me back too.

I feel like I have jet lag every day.

This is because the high dose chemo pre transplant has caused chemo induced menopause, mainly hot flushes and sweating ALL THE TIME. Like being in the middle of the humid rainforest. (Even as I’m typing, I can feel it dripping EW) Being one ovary down probably doesn’t help either. I have not slept properly for 2-3 months and it’s now hitting quite hard. I would say though that if is the only thing I’ve got to complain about then that’s ok. It’s minimal. I can deal and I pretty much put up and shut up IRL like we all do.

But who knew I’d have so much in common with older women and pregnant ladies (in terms of nutrition and infection aversion techniques) at the same time??