Many things have been preventing me from writing or posting. I came up with ideas for several posts and never got around to typing a single word.

I needed a catalyst and I decided that this was something amusing.

I got a sheewee today. I got one for Em when she was doing her big cycle and camping so I thought I’d give it a go. I am going to my festival next week which has significance for me (you definitely don’t need a sheewee for the toilets there, lots there are white and water flushing ones!).

It is my 5th year of going, the first time I went was before I was starting my law course and before I was ill, the second time I went was around a month after I’d finished my AVBD, the third was a few weeks before my relapse was confirmed and last year was 8 months post auto stem cell – I even saw one of transplant co-ordinator nurses there! I wasn’t feeling confident enough to speak to him but I will this time if I see him.

Through working as a Champion for Trekstock I have met and made some great friends and perhaps (I don’t want to say this but I can’t think of a more appropriate term right now) envitably (makes me think of that stupid Brad Pitt perfume ad) we have lost people and I won’t forget.

It is what makes it hard to answer someone, just about to have an allo transplant (donor transplant, not ‘Allo ‘Allo), what it is like – 2 out of the 3 people I know who have had one are not around anymore.

I was discussing this at the meetup on Friday, how I cannot answer that question because even if you explain what happens to you during the intenstive pre transplant chemo, there is nothing which can match how you might feel. I went for most of a week feeling so sick I couldn’t eat anything, I couldn’t move to even do something simple like putting my glasses on, I couldn’t get up to the loo and back without almost fainting or that even when I got given anti-sickeness meds, it made me throw up…




I have finished my law course though (finally!) so SOUND THE TRUMPETS!




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