The Shocker

Wednesday 26th February

Exam T-minus 2 days

Wids woke me around 7.30. Got up when Da left, Sis1 door still shut. Big bowl of cereal (oats, coco pops, granola, shredded wheat, currants and rasins!) and tea, listened to Woman’s Hour. Watched Mad Fat Diary – great part about walnut whips. Sis1 came into get goggles for swimming (was quite random). Mum messaged to say that she was getting a call back from Bristol surgery.

Got books out looked at various bits. Had a shower, then had missed call from Bristol GP “I can see that you haven’t had your xray or blood test” ERRR, yes I have! Couldn’t get blood test ’til next Tuesday! Da rang – I asked why Sis1 was here, if she was working – found out she had been signed off for a month and she’d also got the Anthony Nolan job! Yaya!

Rang Mum, rang surgery to say if Bristol GP could ring her, still lots of missing calls – her ringing me not Mum.

When she got back at around 4pm, she rang home surgery and got ok to go there, they thought my Bristol address sounded lovely…. Mum had managed to talk to Bristol GP and then rang home surgery back – spoke to home GP who said just come in.

He did all checks, couldn’t really speculate as I was under Bristol GP. He was indecisive but then followed up x-ray, really wanted to know what it said. He easily managed to chase it up and get someone to look at it.

There was lots of “That’s what I thought it might show” “Just using my eyes and experience” kind of comments. Uh oh. He got them to scan a copy over.

He said that they had seen a lump in my lung. He said to me “It’s not the end of the world” and then took down the box of tissues – which I was hesitant to take from him and gave it straight over to mum.

Doc “Have you got anything on this week?”

me “Exams in Bristol” home GP “You’re not going back to Bristol any time soon..” “OhhhhhK”. He said he would talk to home hosp to have some investigations.

I went to re-register whilst he spoke to Mum.

Receptionist “We won’t be able to register you today, it is between 2-4pm and you need ID” I said I would just fill in the form whilst I was waiting for Mum.

Some mood appropriate slow song which I recognised, must have been Radio 2, these places are always tuned to that station! I only filled in part of the form before Mum came back. She handed it over – “You need to fill in the rest of the form” Mum “No, its ok, please just talk to home GP” Apparently they ripped up the form before asking him. OOohh. Annoying but luckily home GP sorted it out.

I found the song!