And today’s diagnosis is…

Stoical. I went for my three month oncology appointment today and that was the outcome. That and the fact I am not super human – so that’s ok then! Saw one of the lovely doctors I have seen before who was wonderful. 

I also saw lots of Trekstock posters in the waiting room! There was one young guy in the waiting room (it’s a mixed clinic waiting room for heart problems and oncology) otherwise there was a gap between us and everyone else of about 40 years. 

I also went to have the HRT sorted – hopefully a standard HRT tablet will suit better and not end up with banging migraine. Wasn’t a good start when the doctor didn’t introduce herself but at least they were not overrunning too much with the appointment times. She went to go off and fetch the HRT Queen (aka the consultant!) and when the consultant came in, she read something on the desk and then called me by a different name…. hmm! 

The rest of it was fine this time (phew) so forward march.