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6th Jan 2015

Went walking with the puppy. Her name is Arrietty this week (or Hairy-etty as sister pointed out!). Met H by the cross road that leads down to the park – took a while to get there to meet her (I guess as had no service on phone and got a message and missed call when I got back!). Pup had taken ages – stopping to sniff at every other hedge and pulling on the lead – tricky as the pavement was narrow and beside the fast road as well as the lead holding being difficult due to my fumbley fingers! T’was cold but sunny and had definitely underestimated the temperature as I was boiling or maybe that’s due to the sore throat/cold I’m getting (blaming Sis2’s friends as she was ill straight after meet up with them last week! although  sad as she’s now really ill but had to go back to uni for exams.) H confirmed it was bloody freezing when I met her by the bus stop. We swapped dog over and strolled to the park. H mentioned her housemate who didn’t go out on NYE with them due to bf problems, well sounded like she missed out! They were going to go to Edinb but the next train back would have been the next morning at 8 am… Took turns on the flying fox and H ran around with pup who responded well to being called back from the end of the lead – she ran to me and then decided to run in figure of eights really fast, made H laugh! So fast. H mentioned about her “adventure date” going shooting! Took some pics on the way back. They’ve fully started on the entrance to the houses.


check out the clouds!

Spot the digger in the middle

Spot the digger in the middle

The best thing, the small things…

Things which are most enjoyable (that weren’t before when I was really ill) at the moment are being able to sleep on my side and having a shower (even though I have to use ye olde cling film to cover my PICC line!)

Even though my hair currently makes me looks like Gollum. Takes an age to put posts up – I’ve written so much but who wants to be inside editing when it’s very sunny or hot. Saying that, I would do more if I wasn’t feeling crap (sick, wrist pains and strange arm pains!) most of the time so when I am feeling ok, I want to be outside and doing things! Talking of small things puppy definitely helps (even when she’s not helpful!)