Rocky Roads

Monday 3rd March

SLEEP yeah!!!! Was able to lie quite flat but no on side. Too noisy with weather and breeze with window so just had to keep fan on and then off when it got loud. All night heard the phone ringing and them trying to organise beds – phone is SOOO LOUD!

Wooozer proper rain today. Ness asking me questions – what goes in to the heading of a witness statement in Civil (had to look it up to double check – PD 32) Chatting to Get about TEEV – he said to catch up on the musketeers, I said I hadn’t seen JC or the Goodwife yet!

Got given the Hibi MRSA wash and a gel to stuff up yer nose also for MRSA.

Thoracic Dr came in – said they would find out the results and then pass me over to the other team – his main concern is over my breathing which is its recent normal self…

Thank you Woman’s Hour. Jane is the best. Managed to get cherry yog on me – luckily not the t shirt or biopsy scar! Just straight down the v-neck! (ew) Also then found some on the sheet hahah!

Left arm does look really bruised and druggy, I now have 3 bloodclot shot marks but M’s didn’t hurt, its also a lighter red colour – had it after food and after pain medication.

Sis1 had made rocky road! This was funny because D had also bought some so we had LOTS. She got me a smoothie from Costa – innocent smoothie with the same amount of sugar as 4 (?) krispy cremes? Sis2 did lots of knitting and I swear when we were asking what Sis2 was making that Sis1 said “a wig” and I said “it’s a bit premature for that!”

Sis1 has decided that instead of getting a nose piercing that she is going to rescue a guinea pig which is going to live inside. Sisters were then going on about this story on ITV “Woman gets eyes scratched out by dog at bottom of stairs in own home” EWWW. We all decided that this wouldn’t happen with either a house rabbit OR guinea pig..

M contacted P to sort out all the Uni stuff. Hopefully all course stuff and accomo will be ok/easy to do for him.

Lots of people in contact – abee, Lace, Fiona, Baz, J, Mir, Chris, Ash, Kat… M spoke to Manda corgie & D and Manda went over to tell Cindy. J sent a video of otters she had seen at the Cotswold Water park today. abee told coffcats. Kat is giving a talk at her old Uni so may come visit today or tomo.

Had a doc from oncology come in to say that prof J and Doc Ivan would be in today. Sis2 is going back to Exe tomorrow – I think she has to prepare for a practical for Thursday/Friday. Then walked up the corridor a few times. I keep forgetting that Dr Ivan did my biopsy! (don’t actually know if it was supposed to be him, think he said Dr Adam? Who works with Prof, all very confusing – too many names!)

I must have been confused though because M and D arranged to come in early tomorrow to see the Drs.

Signed EPA with a nurse called Charlie as witness – so that bank account deets can be controlled, in terms of keeping loan monies and accomo DD in my account!

B sent message at 7.30pm, direct quote/spelling – “Hey Al, how are you? Have you heard anything of your xray? X”

Watched some BB then most of beyond the pines film.


Hibi Hibi scrub!