By Timothy!

October 2015
So it’s currently quite confusing (understatement) I’m possibly re-cancerous but after a CT scan, PET scan and a needle biopsy there was no conclusions and I needed another bigger biopsy. 

Originally told that it would be on Monday or sooner if they had space, rang the Thursday before – I wasn’t on the list for Monday! And then I was… So went in for pre assessment last Friday which included going down into the hospital depths to the blood taking room as the oncology one wasn’t open.

 It operated with an actual supermarket counter ticket system and a female and male voice which shouted which ‘booth’ was free when the number changed. I would have called them cubicles and why did they need a name? You couldn’t really work out which number booth was which anyway as the numbers were behind the curtains. The voices pronounced booth with an RP extended “boooothee”. Very Paul Temple and Steve!