Pompey whats!?

Monday 10th March

Can’t really remember – read, watched some BBad and had shower. Waiting to go for PET scan – “Ray” turned up late (10.15/30). Had been was expecting an ambulance and chair but it was just him – volunteer driver in a Honda jazz! Took ages to walk down the corridor, in my pj trousers lolz (had been told to have/wear outdoor clothes to the scan so asked if I was ok in my PJs…he said that was ok, probs thought it was a strange q!) We just swapped numbers as he said would take a couple of hours and that I could ring when I was done. Listened to woman’s hour in the car on way! Got there, he didn’t know where to go so went asked in recept whilst me in car. Then walked to scanning n Xray which was wrong place and had to walk around to nuclear medicine. At their reception we weren’t on the list…? Then rang though, I sat down and Ray left. Went though, sat in bay with massive chair. With CCTV camera in front too.

Asked lots of questions – when last had a CT, been exposed to asbestos, any surgery, had TB, when was last period…. Errr all days rolling into one! No ideas about dates and things – I’m in hopsitalll…? Really old lady turned up in bay next door, she seemed confused a bit and was French – referring to her “cahier” 😀 she was having issues with bloods or the cannula – bruised.

Had cannula in, bloods taken (he was ok at that but managed to get the tape stuck to his glove and not me! Left the ends of the tape folded which was annoying!) and blood sugar test. Sat there reading for a bit – stupidly left my headphones – couldn’t read properly and block out Heart radio. ear pain! ARRGH. Was loud. Then he came back and put a metal canister with normal plunger on the end (which had the nuclear injection) in. Didn’t feel anything going in, as soon as was in, cannula was out. Had to sit there for another hour or so I think and drink water as it went around the system. Another guy had come to give me the water. I don’t know if I was out of it or what, or they were talking quietly but I did keep finding it hard to understand them. Was told to keep warm so was wearing long sleeve top, hoody, scarf and my coat. Apparently so that less body turns up on the scan. Said that would go though scan 3 times or something, 2 shorter and one longer one taking 30 mins. Had to keep arms above head for the whole time, arm went dead, was really hard to keep still!! M said looked really swollen when then came over later when I had got back. Worst bit was having to listen to radio 2 OMG. Soo boring. Was interesting that they had an interview with Ray Mears BUT at the same time he chose the jungle book song – OMG really. Felt like an orang-utan with my arms above my head.. Some quiet spa music would have been better.. no water drips though :/ . It was quite loud too, don’t know how it would have been for the older lady. Think scan took longer as there was someone infront of me. Got worried half way though when I remembered that my phone was on in my bag haha! Oh well…

Old lady worried about necklace, had been to toilet and then got told she needed to take her bra off. Could hear she was getting a bit worried. Funny sign in toilet – sink not suitable for radio active waste. Got given letter to give nurses about patient contact and not ideal for pregger ladies to come near.

Sat waiting after. Nurse said that she would ring my driver as they don’t leave us alone and there was nooo signal. She came back and said he was going to to 13 mins haha was longer! Lady in next bed had had tumours removed and wanted to know if she should keep the cannula in for a test she was having tomorrow but they said wouldn’t need to.

Read their leaflet which would have been helpful to have had beforehand as it said why to bring outside stuff n clothes!

Lucky Ray came and took me back, was slow walk but quicker route to the outside. Stupid double lot of rotating doors – I started to head for the normal open one but just followed Ray. Nice weather still but hazy. Saw really fat lady in strapless dress :/ sad, very fat wobble. Boy/20yr old electric micro scooter no helmet, on road almost went in ront of the car. Listen to classic on way back, had to detour as bit of traffic and went around and saw the ordinace survey building.

Got back about 3, had MASSIVE PICNIC. Shoved soo much food in. they had given me a sandwich to take so I could eat after but crumbs and hospital :/. Mum n Sis1 showed, Sis1 made princess cake! Was very white and had raspberry jam and pink icing. She’d used the kitchen aid :D. Jess and nurses liked it. Watched lots of rubbish TV – the colours on neighbours looked weird! Sis1 and mum made tea, dad showed, Sis1 read Elle from the common room as did dad J funny pictures.

Missed calls Drs and surgery RANG say WHAT!!!!!!! Dr Better –“ missed your telephone appoint” WTF. Pharmacy “ringing to see about your inhaler” WTF!!!!!! Pharm had rang again later with their number so I rang them back and was like ERR not using it, I’ve moved. Mum said she would talk to better (doucheEEE). Nurse jess said unlikely that anything happen today – but that research nurse would be up after clinic. Vicky (pregnancy test nurse!) came and said that Dav would be around tomorrow but nothing this eve as everyone needs to check compare the PET.

Watched and caught up on Silk. Morph before bed, winner.