So, why write a blog about my cancer? Surely the answer is – why not! For a start this is to document what happened as quite a lot went on in a very short amount time and if I hadn’t written about it, I would not be able to remember a thing. Thank you brain. I think another reason is that lots of people (myself included) do not know about Hodgkin Lymphoma (HL) even though it is common in my age group – so I figure that a bit of awareness is not a bad thing!

The kitchen has no draws!

After talking to Emily about her cycling blog, I thought I’d update. I’m effectively where I would have been this time last year if cancer hadn’t happened (and we know cancer happens) so I’m just finishing my last week at uni before exams and I’m not scared yet, just in mild panic which could tip over at any stage… So I moved into halls on campus (a convenient 2 min walk to classes) and the flat is more like a maisonette – large kitchen/diner/sofa situation on the ground floor then with 3 further floors with 4 bedrooms on each (with two share-y bathrooms). I’ve been here since late March and have only just realised the significance of the cutlery in the empty Nutella jars on the side – there are no draws in the kitchen. A definite “SAY WHAT” moment!

The best thing, the small things…

Things which are most enjoyable (that weren’t before when I was really ill) at the moment are being able to sleep on my side and having a shower (even though I have to use ye olde cling film to cover my PICC line!)

Even though my hair currently makes me looks like Gollum. Takes an age to put posts up – I’ve written so much but who wants to be inside editing when it’s very sunny or hot. Saying that, I would do more if I wasn’t feeling crap (sick, wrist pains and strange arm pains!) most of the time so when I am feeling ok, I want to be outside and doing things! Talking of small things puppy definitely helps (even when she’s not helpful!)