Tuesday 18th March

Best sleep ever. Tabs for sickness were drowse-y ones so I forced myself to stay up. I did wake up in the night but was able to go back to sleep. Ben was here at 8!

I had to force myself not to do stuff. Whole back hurting ache situation.

Had porridge then had bacon, poached egg, tomato and another bowl of cereal. Had toast for lunch. Sis1 went to Croydon to pick up work bits, Mum went to work but back at 2 and Da back 4.30 – had been to a funeral because he was the executor BUT she had already been dead 3 yrs!!!! Had left body to medical science. Totally confused me and M “was there no-one from the care home?” “No, she had checked out three years ago” I thought she moved back home or something! HA!

Mum said that Mark’s funeral was on Monday and I was like Mark? It was D’s friend (biro tattoo!) Mark and Sue and their two kids. Apparently he just collapsed so Mr Little has booked his flight but Mum and Da have to tell him why Mum’s not going and why he can’t crash here :/ would be cool to see him if poss though.

Walked up to chickens and saw the bee hive! Dad got me v pillow. Best. Thing. Everrrrr. Almost finished Bbad – on S5 ep5 . Watched my mad fat diary.