Bye Hollies

Friday 14th March

Plan was to go to Mayfly for lunch with D. Got there and they had rubbish food on the menu so went to the White Hart – which had just stopped serving :/ so some guy had said to try the Grosvenor. It was spot on for the food!!! Shame it was inside though – I had RUMP STEAK AND CHIPS AND TOMATO AND MUSHROOM AND PEPPERCORN SAUCE!!! Omggg mmmmmm. THEN we went to Thyme and Tides and had tea and cake –  I had peanut butter cake t’was amazing and D had a salted caramel millionaire shortcake. Mmmm. He’d also gone to the butchers to get pork pie, sausages and then we also got some bread, brosh and I got a scotch egg.

M and Sis1 had gone to Bristol to pack up stuff. R, B and CK were in – mills showed M kitchen bits but then had to go and R and CK were asked to help move boxes when they were packed.

CK was so rude to them. Unbelievably so. Someone needs an attitude adjustment… I think he was hungover but even so – he wouldn’t offer any help and grudgingly threw my stuff around and went off in a huff when Sis1 told him to be careful. He is one of the most selfish people I have ever met – this latest offering confirmed it! I should have reported him at the beginning when he first lost his keys the twat. M asked him about the rubbish and he said “Oh the bin is in the kitchen” and M looked and said “It’s full do you know where it goes?” And he vaguely waved a hand “Oh, it’s out the front where you come in” …so… no offer of “Its fine, I can do that for you” or “leave it here and we can sort it…” more likely that he left it for R and B, the pain in the ass. OH and he documented EVERYTHING on twitter #HELPFUL. WHAT EVER there was noo need to be rude.

They tried to send R off to get my money but he had lost his keys or something (too hungover!) so he messaged me to say if he could do a transfer? So I said that was fine, gave him my bank acc deets. Still waiting….

Chris came over around 7.30 was really good to see him! He has got a flat in Bishopstoke.

Sis2 came back too.