September check

I think this is where it might show most. Whereas my classmates were settling into a day or two of uni work or work work, I was in the hospital for appointments. 

Friday – DXA bone scan, a baseline to show how my bones are and whether they have been affected by osteoporosis (as a result of ovarian insufficiency) It was the quickest oppointment EVER. Despite the car park being snarly. I jumped out with sis2 and we went on ahead. Sat in the tiniest waiting room (more like a sub wait) with two grannies. I got asked to fill in a form (pretty much didn’t). They spotted mum from way down the corridor (being of appropriate bone scanning age). I then went straight in without filling in a second form. Lying on a table with a wide arm over it and the woman in charge of the computer put a block under my legs (back scan) then strapped each leg (one at a time) to a triangular block. Whole thing took 10mins and results at clinic on Monday. 

Monday – car park horrendous. Just me and mum we were even earlier than had planned as I had some Trekstock posters to put in various locations. Went straight to bloods. Took forever. I’d put a heat pack on my arm – TOP TIP! The nurse came out eventually but had to go send the bottles off in a tube. The next guy went in but the air on was on (v glad for heat pack at that point!) Met one of the women who’d been next to me when I first went in back in October. Saw my specialist nurse go past. My blood taking was quick and pretty painless. Went and had height and weight (standard).
Will fill this in (currently at uni so have some work to do!) 

Whole exercise took 5 hours 😑

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