Abandon hope all ye

I am angry. This doesn’t happen that often. I cried. This also doesn’t happen often (last notable occasion was on June 24th). Turns out that being a student and getting cancer isn’t helpful – who would have thunk it.  BC (Before Cancer) I was a student on a one year self funded law course. I had to withdraw from the course for that year and re-enrol for the next. I was able to do a few modules last year but cancer struck again (of course!) so now aiming for September. I have quit the course several times but crucially (it seems) not fully ‘abandoning’ it i.e. having no wish what so ever of taking it up ever again, at any time you care to mention. In not abandoning, I am classed as a ‘student’. This has an impact on the types of benefit I can claim. I never wished to be on benefits and having being put in a situation where they are essential and being where I am at this point and age in my life – it hurts. Do not get me wrong – It is a great system and I have had to jump through many a hoop as I had expected but having done so, I am unable to have access to what I may be entitled to because of a system unable to cope with situations which are not the norm. I do feel entitled to it and I am very respectful of the benefit I do get – I have had many a job and paid taxes before so this is a situation where, since I have paid in, the system should kick in and help. Obviously there is lots more to this and this is an extremely simplified version but I have been working up to a certain goal for many many years and my course is key – it now may be a road on which I may not be able to continue on.

So in conclusion – Don’t get ill when you’re a student. As if this is was anything you could possibly have control over.


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