A little while later… 

Today has been the first deliciously warm day without a hint of rain. 

I had my autologous stem cell transplant (me own little ones fed back to me) in the middle of January and it’s now just into May. Trying to beat off the fatigue in order to go over my transplanty blog notes (there’s a definite bit in the middle where I lost it – temp of 39 degrees and vivid dreams of Trabants, white horses and some kind of chocolate factory…) 

Current post transplant symptoms – getting tired and almost breathless easily, chemo induced menopause (damn you! No doubt made worse by minus one ovary!) hot flushes galore and disturbed sleep. 

However very grateful not to have had any hospital stays since Feb and last appointment was March! 

Pretty eye watering to think of how much this treatment costs – Something like £3000 for a transplant. 

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