1st Dec

Currently live blogging from El Hopital! On almost full stretch charger – be afraid for my data! Yet another ward with no WIFI – first world cancer problems. Unexpected overnight stay to have some red stuff pushed in me.

Needed to ring the Acute Oncology Service (AOS) last night as my PICC line wasn’t flushing. This can mean there’s a clot or blockage in the tiny line leading from my arm to my chest and thus v. Important to make sure it’s clear. They suggested pushing a tiny bit of saline down to see. We tried but no budge. Then rang back in the morning and they suggested trying again before resorting to more drastic measures (eg having line out or some enzyme in to clear the block – magic!) Line was super fine this morning – flushed like it should do! Next issue though was that during the convo with my special nurse, we’d mentioned that I’d had heart palpitations on Friday – this may mean that the line had moved and was tickling my heart… Imaging Mr Tickle’s arm as my line. Nurse said would talk to AOS and probs arrange a chest X-ray. I put some bread on to mix and took the pup out for a short loop walk around the field. Got the call from AOS whilst on way back – wanted me in for ECG and when could I come in? Earliest was gunna be 4pm as Mum at work.
Got to hosp at around 10 past 4, chest X-ray, bloods and ECG done by 6 and results were that haemoglobin levels were .6 and going to stay in to have some blood bags. Nightmare! So here I am – surrounded by older ladies and no laptop this time! Luckily had put the “hospital” bag in the car. Had dirty dirty Burger King for supper (judge me) which was great as was super hungry!

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