What’s the first thing you do when probably diagnosed with cancer for the second time? Go buy a bra. Or two actually. “Of course, buy a bra! Now, why didn’t I think of that?” Well I do have Loz’s wedding on Friday and a supported chest is always desired.

So pre bra buying – basically the magic PET scan lit up. Best way to describe it was like looking at the thermal image from one of those numerous cop shows as voiced by Jamie Theakston. It’s in the same place as before, just slightly smaller. Prof is marvellous – totally lovely and to the point. Three rounds of the cheem, plus one big one for annihilation porpoises. Mostly as in patient. Will have own stem cells siphoned off and frozen, then pumped back in after the big one as bone marrow will be ick. Talking of frozen things, may well needing to freeze some other things too. Unlike previously, there’s less hurry to have the chemo so more chance to freeze some tissue as an insurance policy. Need a biopsy to fully confirm, get bloods done. He said it can be done after my exam. The problem is this next chunk is going to take 6mois. Definitely had jelly legs walking out. Also not telling anyone for a bit may be difficult but I’m not telling everyone this time.

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