Français trippin

Sat 11 July 2015

Went to Claire and Jon’s wedding – lots of food!  V dress down wedding, photographer in jeans and tie dye. K was great at speaking. There was there ceremony then we all went outside for drinks whilst Claire and Jon went out to woods and fields for photos. Claire properly laughing when had to say Jon’s full name! When they were back, lots of group photies. Waited two hours before the BBQ was ready. Followed by the speeches and  then there was an ice cream van (couldn’t eat it all!) and then the pay bar opened followed by pizza (didn’t have) cake cutting and fish n chip cones. There was also a sweet cart thing (shrimps for Sis2) and some cupcakes – really good but too much icing for me! There was also a photo booth thing. Emma and Charlotte did a great rendition of the Hold On (?) Bridesmaids song through the unfilled in barn wall. I went around 930/10 so tired!

Sun 12th July

Woken up at 4 to leave for the ferry, took around an hour and boat apparently left before 7 then drove through France (mum’s first comment – drive on the left drive on the left oh wait!) then at one part took wrong exit and ended up paying twice through a toll road! I listened to about a cd and a half of Harry Potter on my purple Walkman MP3 and it was 25o in the car without the aircon. First aire we stopped at had a hole in the ground and I died laughing as I should have got myself a shewee – never mind getting Emily one for her mahosive cycling trip. M n d stopped to swap over n dad chatted to a French guy with crutches sitting in his boot. It was so cooler there – can’t have windows open on motorway. Second stop was waaay better, had auto flush toilets and a strange hand drier which looked like a dyson one but worked by putting your hands through the front. Saw a very weaselly looking dachshund with what could have been a dandy dinmont. There had been a typical homme francais – bumbag and a fag in hand whilst filling his oil up. When we carried on, the crutches guy drove passed and his kids waved! Finally got to the house around 5/6 depending on your timezone

Met the family – dog called Kilos and 3 children – girl about 11, boys aged 15 and 18 just about to go to uni to do medicine.

Pizzaaaa MMM had to wait for an hour for it but totes worth it

Monday 13th

M mentioned that there was a framed puzzle above my bed – I hadn’t noticed!

First full day – went to the super u, busiest grocer shopping ever!!!!!!! Saw loads of otters on way back although they might be Coypus?

M n D went to take the car after a short lunch whilst we went in the pool with the new inflatable rings – interestingly one seems small than the other despite both being same size on the packet..

Lots of discussion over the recycling

Suppa wuz prawns which I managed to squirt brain juice all over my white tee and sand coloured trou

Fireworks at the beach! Crazy French dj in the square first and after. When we originally walked thru to the square, there was a shop called free shoes

Tues 14th

Swim (100 lengths booyakasha)
Lunch and washing – how to get this machine to work!

Bin was stinky so mum washed it and then it didn’t work! Was an automatic opening one

Beach – lots of surf school kids, had a coke with Sis2 and skimmed some stones
Cycled back
Watched some of lady and the tramp two
Supperrr was spag with very olive sauce – saw a rat!

Weds 15th July

Plan had been to cycle to the terriere shops – Cycled to the local shop and got bread, local bar is called Cafe Luc (lots of French Kiss Meg Ryan pronunciation LUUUUUUUUCCCC) then had to cycle to super u. Mum got too many bog rolls than could be carried so we made her change it.

Mum fell off her bike on the way back!

105 pool laps

Watched Fortitude – Contrast to heat outside!

Fri 17th July

Finished my book – sweet tooth Ian McEwan Watched jimmy neutron, went for swim (50)
Got ready to cycle to beach! Dad fell off up the top near the car park – stupid bike didn’t change gear when he pushed to change it, then it did!

Walked further along to the left so dad could kite fly. Surf school watching.
We had to move stuff twice cos of tide. M n D went off and had lunch at the beach bar – apparement chips and salad niçoise and vin! Really big waves. Cycled back around 7pm did 100 laps pool. Dad spoke to Sis1 who had gone to get puppy.
Had ricotta n spinach stuffed pasta and some cheeze then watched ep 4 of fortitude with some verveine tea and milka

Sat 18th

Watched Cuban fury
Went to get a surf bag and found a small surf shop by Mr brickolage and also went in there to see if they had a black pool hose – D got a massive knife attached to a corkscrew (not needed despite the shot cork screws in the draw). Also went to produce shop and got lettuce, basil and melons and then to terriere village – D and Sis2 got bread and choc twists, I went with mum to get stamps – frozen is called the snow queens as it said on the front of a magazine.

Got back, I had swim (100) then we cycled to see the lighthouse and then into tranche sur mer for an ice cream.

On the way there Mum fell off again! Her map was rubbish and took a while to get to town- chained bikes in square and walked around to choose ass crem. I had cassis (standard), Sis2 – lychee, D crime brûlée and m lemon meringue. As we walked toward the beach, a band was practicing, and then destroyed ‘don’t look back in anger’ with the drummer at least two beats behind! We then walked back through the shops and m n d were looking in one near the corner of the square where they bikes were chained. The rain which had been threatening since lunchtime was unleashed but wasn’t too bad. It cleared the streets which made it easier to push the bikes back through the pedestrian part. Faster getting home – new neighbours Belgians pulled up just after we got to the garage door.

Sun 19th

Finished Kathy Reich’s bones never lie, had a chic twist type for break. Unc and cuz are coming for supper after diving? Whatevz. M n d gone to super u (again) to get fud. We went to the beach when they got here and they had a go on the kites. Cuz poured water over me when I was reading! how rude!

300 lengths

Mon 20th

100 lengths

Emily finished Perpignan! I can stop boring the fam with Emily Cycle chat!

Tues 21st

Went to Puy du Fou – very French theme park. Every area has a different historical theme – Roman chariot racing with lions and tigers, Vikings with wolves, a medieval bird show with thousands of birds – eagles, owls, vultures you name it!

Strangest stage show of the musketeers – guns, water filling up the stage, white horses and blacklight, blueman-esque drumming, Spanish dancing girls a la Bucks Fizz…what more could your want?!

Definitely one to youtube…

Weds 22nd

200 lengths

Beach at 5/6 had food at the geko beach caff

Thurs 23rd

200 lengths
La Rochelle
Car screen cracked from flying debrie (haha cheese joke!) – big stone and huge crack
Ice cream
Pea crabs in moules – gross

Fri 24th

Pool time! Around 100 lengths. Cycled to the beach one last time. Donned wetsuit and took the body boards out and then it rained and was very windy. We got back and packed.







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