Found this which I had written a while back (obviously!).

The cooling shade provides slight relief from the roving midday sun. The dog shakes, tag jangling against its ring and the ear flaps, fast motion, flash catch shimmer, all colours. The noisy call of the pheasant startles out of the trees. Where did it come from – was it the terriers on the other side who caused it to flutter out squawking? Were they level already? Chest pound, slight crack a few beechnuts underfoot. Crossing back into the full light, the grasshoppers sound, transported further south, France perhaps or Italy. The telegraph pole empty. A slight tan tint on the white contrail, slight interest into the path edge. Mushroom with grey mouldy fringe on its unfurled surface confused with a stump. Field now short, dark brown stubbled with green tramlines growing in the tracks. Now the small numerous stones colliding together, meeting shifting under the twist of the heel. The chunk chunk train fading and the road increasing then the syncopated beat of pads on the drifting dried earth.

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