Thursday 13th March

Strange dream about Keira Knightly – I blame reading Em’s trashy mags she got me! Was wierd – like a Wreck it Ralph volcano and I had to sit on the edge and shout down to get a partner for this event or something. And it was also like the bit in Mulan with the snow when the Hun is coming over the mountains. Was crazy. Had to try and write in the sand. There were also horse riders (looking like they were going on a hunt) Then was awkward as someone possibly M talking to someone saying oh yes, A knows so and so and then about the Joses, and then there was a lady standing really close behind me who M kept looking at sideways and it was mum Jose – then it was like that awkward situation where she can hear and know what your saying. ANYWAY. Kept waking up – first time was pain in tum but felt like was in Pomp hospital but it was the last bed before TCT and I felt like I was attached to a line. Had to keep shifting in my sleep as felt that on side everything was collecting on one side. Got really hot and had to get a sheet.

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