People watching

Sunday 9th March

Slept through til 6.30, had crazy dreams about some Disney land thing? Not sure, very strange. Was able to read book, watched JC catchup, watched bit of Clarissa, knitting, Meet me in St Louis. Nurse said that my blood pressure is low (this is not news!). Went got cup of tea from the kitchen in the common room. Asked about retainer. Back is a bit sore. Not sure if going to go home, D on way. messaged loz, j and kat – J in London, loz DIY-ing her new house! No rep from Kat. Iceman crufts-ing! D came over for the afternoon, sat outside in sun for ages, nice. There were some annoying kids – well the kids weren’t annoying but the two guys looking after them were! Not sure if relatives or they were together or minders or what! But they wouldn’t leave the kids alone. Helicopters going up and down. Got costa tea and amazing pecan slice thing, D watched rugby – England got the 3 match crown. Watched midwives. Told Vix who had just got back from skiing.

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