Chaplain off

Friday 7th March

Hot sticky eugh. Waited til around 7 to start reading some book. Put on some BreakingBad, watched Wreck it Ralph. Dr D came in and Mai and said about booking scan for Monday, they would get that sorted and have the neck CT scan today. They would be happy for me to go on day release for the weekend, would aim to have first lot treatment after scan on Monday.

Blummin religious lady came in too – she didn’t quite use the words spiritual counselling but almost did… should you need anyone to talk to, chaplaincy service etc.

Other trial nurse Vicky came in took bloods for trial. M said trying to sort Bristol, accommo contact didn’t sound like he knew what was going on haha.

Dr liam/adam came in to say CT about 3, kept dropping off before people came in! Watched a bit of Wonderlust, nurse looitta (?) coming in back and forth to ask qs about the scans – funny pregnancy q. “what’s your pregnancy status…?” (was around 2.30!) Aussie girl called April radiographer had to have canula put back in for the iodine etc. for CT. Had massive shower after? Had blood sugar test, A guy called Tim came in to make arrangements for the travel on Monday.

Iceman may come visit later, abee may see tomorrow! Told Get who was funny as usual! Monday will be nil by mouth for 6 hrs before the scan at around 11.30, need transport/outside clothes for it.

Got moved to the TCT ward up on D6(?) not sure. Maasive room looks like a boat cabin! Free tv wifi, xboX common room, massive bathroom, spare bed, imitation fishtank fireplace!

Iceman came for a bit, really nice to see him, had bought a Warhammer figure (Bless!) which he said was a cancer fighter and blasts it whenever he sees it. He is going to Crufts on Sunday with Trigger. He is planning to get a tattoo for his birthday and is thinking about proposing to the gf! Her family are still quite unwell with lots of various hospital visits, Paws is doing really well. Iceman is on a lower dose of meds but probs not helped by the drugs  :/.  He had bought snacks and D some salty nuts – needed really bad! D and Iceman went about 8.30, D gave him lift to station and went to pick up Sis2. Watched JC!! Wooo. Managed to get Wifi – B sent strange picture of CK – y??

TCT sunset

TCT sunset



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