Tennis ball – forget the law.

Saturday 1st March

Slept really well being able to have the window open to cool me down.

A nurse came in first thing to shut my door as the window was making a draft for someone else. And then the next thing I think that happened (apart from the lovely people coming in with breakky, tea and to clean) was two healthcare assistants to take my pulse and temp. One was very stern “Just because you are in hospital, doesn’t mean you should stay in bed” I had said that I had been moving around. So I sat in the chair…had to put my feet up which made me cough more…result? Had started the blog was watching The Wire – even though she had been bit rough, she picked up the wire boxset which was on my bed. (I win!)

Text Carl p back – just saying “sup?” just in case it was a fishing call from B and R. He said he had done his first jump that it was really amazing.

Sent Dr B a Happy Birthday message but no reply.

I moved money across to cover accommodation fees.

Nurse Claire looking after me.

M had gone to see Dob and Date and CnL – hopefully borrowing some more DVDs, they have also offered to store my Bristol stuff in their garage which is really good. Manda corgie won’t know until she comes back from her Birthday hol and then followed by Cindy – should be interesting!

D went to get me some books (The Disappeared!) and some toiletries whilst my food came. This also included “ a present for me but you can have it if you would like” Autocar with lots of Audis… M said that they both thought they had heard the Wid this morning.

Sisters had gone t’shops to find me some clothes – traffic was really bad so they arrived just as I had finished the mac n cheese and was attempting the rhubarb and apple custard. Food makes me cough – lots! They bought tops, tees, trousers and some lovely shorts with pelicans on and some new nix!

Apparently I was supposed to have been seen by the oncology team but they didn’t know and that the chest and thoracic team thought that they were not supposed to see me… I went for a walk up the corridor. When I got back, neck had swollen more and hard to move  – SHO doc (?) looked like Rosie, asked how big the lump was because she hadn’t seen the CT scan – M said large/huge 15cms and later to me, about the size of a tennis ball. Mr A had said to her when she asked if he could go though it with dad that he had all the time in the world for me and hard to have any (time) for the patients who won’t stop smoking after having half a lung out. She said that I wouldn’t be doing any law for a while – 6 months to a year to get back normal. What is this going to mean? Plus also, that is quite hard not to think legal…

Discussed who to tell and concluded that RnK could visit but they would need to come in their own car so we could tell them when to buggy off.

Went on a walk up the hall with M because had feeling like I should have gone for a run in the sun today. It was really hot out of the room and my voice had got really gravelly. Had to wait ages whilst it was discussed what needed to be done to sort my neck out. D was going to drive sisters home because they wanted to go but he didn’t have his driving glasses so came back – I had another ECG then it was decided I should have an extra load of steroids and another painful shot of blood clot med. So painful. Was also suggested that I would have some mouthwash for sore throat. Was also suggested that I should have bloods taken… neither of these has happened so far! The steroids did make me a bit angry – was getting annoyed over what the response to the Wid was going to be. Saying that, now dive mag isn’t helpful! Can hardly breathe deeply – strange when I used to have such a deep lung capacity (for swimming and diving). I also said he should definitely send me some wine – mum mentioned that it would also fall under the category of something not being able to have! I wasn’t able to sleep very well at all, although I was coughing less when I did feel more tired.

What I don’t get – How do you get it? Why do you not know you have it and how long does it take to grow? Hmmm. Rosie’s look alike said she would find me an info sheet.

Symptoms include – Cough [Check] breathlessness [Check]… this qualifies for HOW MANY OTHER MEDICAL THINGS????

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