Dob and Date, fruit and cake

Sunday 2nd March

Really? RADIO 2? D’oh! Someone had a cardiac arrest this morning, don’t know what the outcome was (unrelated to the playing of radio 2). Doc is supposed to come around but not yet… Dob and Date will visit. I sent quite a few people a message about me being ill when I couldn’t sleep. Still no message from M or R. I’ve also now started to collect the medicine ketchup pots! Current count stands at 14. No reply from Chris or Mir yet.

Think I will stay in bed and not change until Mum gets here with washed clothes! No way can I be arsed to shower. POOHEEEY! Yeah, ROCK on. I have matching blood blisters on my tum from the clot shots – painful!

Sis1 sent me a message about Sunday Brunch although I misread it as Simon (the rabbit) making curry. This makes sense because he is a very clever rabbit and it didn’t cross my mind that her message meant anything else (blame steroid sleep i.e. NONE)

Finished James Bond, William Boyd Solo. Weather RUBBISH, no sun.

Sis1 had bought some coffee walnut cake and some baklava (MMMm). M had a message from Date to confirm that I knew what the storyline for Breaking Bad was (LOL – he has terminal lung cancer and turns to cooking meth to provide for his family when he dies) Sis2 had ironed all my new clothes which was lovely

Dob and Date bought lots of very welcome fruit – I stuffed in a whole pot of blueberries. Dob sat on the floor and had to cover his eyes and ears when I was explaining about my biopsy and other various medical bits – although he did threaten to go with Sis1 (to be back up) and Sis2 (as get away driver) to go and get my money back off R and collect Chimpy.

Managed to work out the celling light dimmer switch – soo much better! Also really good that I have Sis2 laptop lock which I can lock around the table. I can see a flaw with this though – the table is very mobile…

I had a shower just using face wash – thinking though, I may not need to worry so much about stuff to wash hair…? Was also nice to have proper toothbrush.

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