On the move

Thursday 27th Feb

Big cup of tea, missed call on my phone, then home phone. Mum spoke to home GP and I think, going down to hosp for tests. Finding clothes and PJs should I be staying over!

Emergency Medical Assessment Unit (EMAU) / Acute Assessment Unit (AAU) wing – serious stuff! Dr called S (who had worked with a consultant hub Mum knew), another lady, Sisters called Mandy and Hermione.

Line put in arm. Arm promptly swelled to twice the size and couldn’t move it without using the other arm to lift it. Had to have it out and put in my foot! Nurse who took bloods and did cannula… thought my address sounded lovely…ah no. Bloods, temp, ECG – ultrasound, CT – iodine through the foot was fun! They had said beforehand I wasn’t going to have contrast then I had contrast…feels very strange.

Strange people being loud in the other bays – diabetic trying to get a kitkat off the trolley, man “had to drop my trousers for 4 females already” with sores (EWW) “partner” and her kids who were home-schooled, noisy, annoying and also had impetigo or something and man – “I now only smoke 5 a day” – all the emphasis on the “once a week swim”…

Sweating – Changed tops a lot, like Saga Noren!

Got moved to side room whilst they spoke to chest and thoracic to see whether I needed to go down there tonight. Turned out that they did and via ambulance between 7.15-9.15… Dad and Sis1 turned up when I had finished eating a remainder sausage and mash (ONION GRAVY). Plan was that Sis1 would go back to sort the supper and wid, Da would also go home after a while and then come back if heard nothing from us, to follow down  – take Mum home.

D went straight there to get there for after 9.15 – problem was we got there at 1am… got internet before we left and tried but couldn’t get internets to work sufficiently to watch The Goodwife.

Ambulance guys “you can walk???” t’was more of a hobble…called Christian and Matthew. Got there in 34 minutes. Was funny because even though I was sitting backward, I was able to tell when we had just come off the motorway and had reached the big roundabout.

Christian had been to PSC (for 2 days!) and his parents had lived in Fish Ponds. He commented on the lack of my Bristolian accent!

Was a really hot and sleepless night.

Ness had said re exam that most people ran out of time and spent longer on certain questions. She said that at least I now had time to re-order my notes and keep everything up-to-date.


Tree view


first room

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