In the beginning…

Monday 24th February

Exam T-minus 4 days

I left B doing her essay – didn’t even ask her and went on a walk to the post office with Carlos who needed to post his passport form. It was such a tedious process as the man behind the counter was so unhelpful. He didn’t know how much the standard passport form was, they didn’t do check and send and he couldn’t pay by card for the postal order but he could get cash out to pay for it… He then felt he needed something so bought a four pack of chocolate covered Madeira cupcakes with excellent stay put frosting. As we walked back down the road, he stuffed one in and we walked along the river to the fishing duck pond.

We sat on a bench and had a cake whilst looking at the ducks and geese floating around. He was mentioning his evening – social with both uni’s skydiving clubs in Clifton. Various jokes about the Bristol boys followed. I told him about B only just telling me about her and J the week before. He asked if I had asthma on the way up the hill – unfortunately not, just unfit…

She had gone out on the Saturday before half term despite needing supposedly to get up quite early to go home for kid leisure centre work although I thought I had heard her and J in her room before I left – the same one which MM goes to. She had gone out to Syndicate with R for his friend’s friend VIP outing. Apparently involved a free glass of fizzy and Jamie buying a £60 bottle of some other champagne. I hadn’t seen her as I went to see Sis2 and hang around Exeter for the day. She said some comment and I said – something like “Hey, wait a sec…you and JI haven’t yet” and then she said “Oh I thought I had told you…” “No, I bet all my answers seemed out of place..” She had been worried about him getting with someone at Carnage. Whatever.

Got home at around 5.30 and did a bit more criminal litigation practice. Could hear Jor come over and B chatting about Carnage and giving tobacco to him? R was trying to contact someone about getting a Carnage t-shirt. He had been persuaded by Jor and so had B. “I’ve almost finished my essay…” “I’m going to find other people and go with them so I’m not with JI” whatever. R to me – “Did you know the shower holder is broken?” me, “REALLY. You only just noticed?”

Put a pizza in and threw some salad in a bowl, time for Silk. R wanted to borrow £10 for his tee – doubt I will get that back. They came back – B comes in wanting to borrow the black ruffle dress off Sis1 I had saved from the charity shop bag and help to alter her carnage shirt. It was playboy bunny – I got my bunny ears out and told R he should just wear his playboy bunny dressing gown…. They both had bow ties, looking good!

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